Sustainability Is Heating Up

Nov. 18, 2017

June and July are going to be hot, hot, hot! Just like your thermometers, the heat of the California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) is rising over the next two months with some sizzling public workshops.

With ?sustainability? becoming a buzzword, it?s more important than ever that the California Almond industry use its voice to tell a story about sustainability to regulators, buyers and consumers. But we can?t tell a story about sustainability without some proof to back it up. For that, we need the help of proactive almond growers to participate in CASP by filling out a self-assessment of their growing operation.

Encourage your growers to take an active role in creating their good story and making almonds the Nut of Choice by either hosting a workshop for your growers or inviting them to attend one of our many public workshops. Feel free to direct your growers to the Almond Board website for them to see upcoming workshop dates and locations. Or, if you would like the opportunity to gather your growers together and show them some hospitality by giving them a good meal courtesy of the Almond Board, contact Kendall Barton by email or at (209) 343-3245 to host a sustainability workshop.

Before harvest this year, have your growers join the other 15% of California?s almond growers and participate in the California Almond Sustainability Program. You can even jump on as a handler by filling out the Air Quality and Energy Efficiency modules for your handling operation at Every data set we collect goes toward telling the story of stewardship and sustainability in California Almonds.


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