2012 Promotional Activities Fueled by Deloitte Study

The recently completed Global Market Development Analysis (GMDA), conducted by Deloitte Consulting, provides significant insight into the next strategic approach to almond promotion around the world. Key among the findings of the GMDA: The Board is currently active in all of the top growth markets of the future, providing confirmation of previous strategic work of the Board. Those markets include the North American countries of United States and Canada; Asian countries China, India, and South Korea; and European countries France, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia. Two country programs, Japan’s and Poland’s, have been concluded based on the GMDA prioritization work.

The GMDA went a step further in program prioritization than previous strategies, including the identification of specific categories of largest potential growth, as well as estimating current consumption by category for the markets (see chart). This information is already being used by the Board to refine programs and to define new areas of promotional work.

A major evolution already under way by the Board is the expansion of ongoing marketing activities to broader market development. Defined as the total impact of programs for market access, trade stewardship and marketing audiences, market development is the role of the recently created Global Market Development Committee and its two subcommittees, Emerging Markets and Established Markets.