ABC Creates More Resources for Gluten-Free Living

Responding to ongoing consumer demand for gluten-free recipes and related tips, the Almond Board of California (ABC) has continued to build and publicize gluten-free content on The consumer website currently contains 116 gluten-free recipes, as well as a section with tips on using various almond forms in gluten-free meal preparation. ABC has just created even more gluten-free recipes for spring, and is conducting media outreach coinciding with May as Celiac Awareness Month.

Adapting a gluten-free diet, or even just making an attempt to reduce gluten in the diet, is a huge lifestyle shift and is full of challenges. Whether consumers are diagnosed as having celiac disease — a condition that causes intestinal damage when wheat, rye or barley are eaten — or just want to eat less gluten because it affects the way they feel, they are on the lookout for new “go to” foods and ways to make traditional favorites gluten-free.

Enter almonds, which are a portrait of true versatility — tasty, easy to access, available in many forms, and flexible for use in many ways to substitute for products with gluten. They also add interest to meals and snacks. For example, almond flour can be a flavorful addition to a gluten-free flour blend, and seasoned almonds are a tasty, gluten-free party snack.