Almond Achievement Award Recipient Recognized at Almond Conference

Ned Ryan, a long-time California Almond grower and handler and active industry member, was honored for his lifetime of work in the California Almond industry at the 2011 Almond Conference. Ryan was presented with the very first Almond Achievement Award by Mike Mason, chair of the Board of Directors, and Richard Waycott, president and CEO of the Almond Board of California, at the Gala Dinner on Dec. 7.

Ryan is an industry consultant and partner in Ryan Parreira Almond Co. of Los Banos. Over the past 18 years, he has served numerous terms as a member and chair of the Board of Directors and as a member and chair of several committees.

In a brief speech, Ryan thanked his peers and the industry for “a wonderful life in almonds.” He has been proactive in promoting the Almond Board’s involvement in research, education and leadership for the betterment of the industry.

The Almond Achievement Award will be given annually to an industry member recognized for his or her contributions to the California Almond industry. Ryan, as the first recipient of the award, will have his name engraved on an almond-shaped leaf that will be affixed to a metal tree sculpture to be housed in the lobby of the offices of the Almond Board of California. The individual award presented to Ryan was a framed orchard photo with a replica of the almond-leaf plaque affixed to the image. Future recipients’ names will be added to the tree sculpture, and each one will receive an individual award with the leaf replica. Congratulations, Ned, and thank you for all of your years dedicated to this industry!