Almond Industry Recognized for Leadership on Nitrogen Management

Nov. 20, 2017

The Almond Board?s Bob Curtis was recently invited by the California State Board of Food and Agriculture to give a presentation on nitrogen management in almonds. The board is the policy advisory group to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).

Following Curtis? talk, several high-ranking state ag officials, including Karen Ross, secretary of the CDFA, and Board President Craig McNamara, recognized the almond industry for its proactive stance in managing nitrogen by funding production research and by outreach related to nitrogen use efficiency and environmental stewardship.

?The Almond Board is being held up as a role model in terms of the research growers have funded on nitrogen management and sustainability efforts in this area,? Curtis said. ?As a result of those efforts over the last 20 years, our nitrogen use efficiency places California Almonds among the most efficient of U.S. ag crops, and it was validating for almond growers to be recognized for those efforts by regulators and policy makers.?




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