Almond Leadership Program Participants and Mentors

The Almond Board of California (ABC) welcomed the new group of Almond Leadership Program participants and mentors Jan. 26-27 with an inaugural seminar, "This is Your Industry." Participants and mentors gathered at the ABC offices to begin the new program year with an overview of ABC and the California Almond industry.

The Almond Leadership Program class of 2012 includes the following participants: Tobin Barth, Kate Cochrane, Brian Davis, Nick Davis, Stephanie Gonzales, Aaron Hackler, Jessica Hale, Billy Hawes, Yuriy Kotseruba, Alex Lindsey, Kate Maring, Adam Salwasser, Brian Schafer, Benjamin Smith, Mark Theadore and Dennis Wright.

The following mentors have volunteered their time for this program: Erin Arduain, Ryan Cosyns, Gerrit Dorrepaal, Brian Ezell, Ladd Hackler, Brad Higbee, Rob Kiss, Wendy Larson, Mel Machado, Dean Nelson, Hanh Nguyen, Dave Phippen, Keith Rigg, Ned Ryan, Van Soetaert and Brandon Walker. We thank them all for their dedication to building future leaders.