Almond Snacking Campaign Gets Rolling in the UK

The Almond Board of California (ABC) launched a campaign in the United Kingdom in January to position almonds as a healthy and convenient snack for busy women. The campaign followed extensive consumer and market research revealing a need for healthy, natural snacks in the British market, one of the largest snack markets in the world. The multichannel campaign targets food- and health-aware women with a mix of public relations, talent endorsement, media partnerships, and dedicated print and online advertising.
To kick off the 2011–12 crop year, new print ads were introduced, as well as an innovative campaign using London cabs. London taxis have been fully wrapped with California Almonds imagery to reach our target audience in a highly visible way, and to remind them that almonds are a smart, on-the-go snacking solution. Almond messaging continues inside the taxis, and drivers have been trained to reinforce California Almonds’ key messages while giving snack packs to passengers who fit the target audience criteria. The taxis will be circulating in central London for three months.
The UK campaign is part of a well-established year-round program including France and Germany that targets consumers, food professionals and health influencers to raise awareness of almonds as a healthy snack and to increase demand.