Almonds and Wellness - Mark Dreher, Chairman, Nutrition Research Committee

Since 1995, the Almond Board of California (ABC) has invested more than $15 million in sound science to better understand the human health effects of almonds and to correct misinformation that existed in the public arena. Almonds had long been defined by their total fat content of 50+%; however, it has become widely known that there are “good” fats and “bad” fats, and that there is a difference between the fat and cholesterol contents of plant- and animal-based foods.

Ongoing nutrition research in North America, Europe and Asia adds to the existing body of more than 100 published papers on almond science, which are utilized by the ABC in global marketing outreach programs to promote the consumption of almonds. During this past crop year, in strategic planning by both the Nutrition Research Committee and ABC Board of Directors, a longer-term goal was set to focus more on nutrition research, specifically wellness and vitality, than on health conditions (heart health, diabetes and weight management).

In response to that directive, the Nutrition Research Committee is very pleased to announce that it has selected two very well-respected research groups to initiate research trials to validate almonds as a nutritious snack in human clinical trials in Korea. These trials have just begun, and we look forward to reporting the results when they are complete in two years.


Mark Dreher, Chairman
Nutrition Research Committee