Articles to Highlight Nitrogen in Almonds

Over the next few months, Western Farm Press magazine will publish a three-part series of articles on nitrogen management in almonds to help almond growers better understand pending regulatory issues and put together an efficient nitrogen fertilizer management program that maximizes crop potential while minimizing environmental impacts. The series is written by Almond Board’s Gabriele Ludwig and Bob Curtis.

UC Davis pomologist Patrick Brown, leader of a fertilizer management research project funded partially by the Almond Board, says there is a direct link between proper N management and the grower’s bottom line. At the same time, nitrogen has become a primary focus for local, state and federal agencies planning new water and air quality regulations.

As a result, it is imperative that almond growers not only ensure adequate N nutrition, but at the same time avoid applying nitrogen in a way that it leaves the orchard and becomes a regulated pollutant.

Part I of the series is available online.