A versatile ingredient, nuts account for a rising share of new product launches in the ever evolving global snacks category.
To deliver almond key messages to our target audience in South Korea, Almond Board of California (ABC) carried out activities tied in with the 2017 F/W Seoul Fashion Week (SFW).
USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) issued its official report on California’s almond acreage on April 26, showing an increase in 2016.
Improving the accuracy of spray applications leads to improved efficacy in pest control, and therefore greater returns to growers. But keeping spray material in the target zone can also reduce the environmental impact of almond farming by minimizing off-site movement of pesticides through drift or deposition on the orchard floor.
For Bryan Jeffries, running a pickup machine while nearby schools were in session used to be impossible.
Almond Board of California (ABC) celebrated agriculture with a booth at Ag Day at the Capitol on March 22 in Sacramento.
For more than two decades, Almond Board of California (ABC) has invested in sound science to better understand the nutrient composition and health benefits of almonds, and also to advance public health and wellness.
Almond Board of California’s (ABC’s) Jenny Heap spends a great deal of her time, as Almond Board’s manager of Global Health and Nutrition Communications, preaching the gospel of the health benefits of eating almonds.
It has been a banner year so far for nutrition research at Almond Board of California (ABC), with a full pipeline of research and several requests for proposals (RFPs) just completed or in the works.
The California organic almond industry now has a channel for providing guidance and recommendations to the Almond Board of California (ABC), following establishment of the Organic Advisory Panel (OAP).