Be Heard — Join an Almond Board Committee

Would you like to learn more about the California Almond industry? As an almond grower or handler, do you want to voice your opinions and be heard?

You can fulfill both of these interests by becoming a member of one or more Almond Board of California (ABC) committees. Not only would you have the opportunity to network with others who share your interests in the almond community, you could also make a positive contribution to this industry. Below is a list of committees that are open for new members. Contact Kendall Barton at the Almond Board by email or phone (209) 343-3245 for more information on how to apply to become a committee member. Committee member and alternate applications are due Aug. 1.

Almond Quality and Food Safety Committee
  • To set policy for and oversee the industry’s quality control program while conducting research in a number of areas to ensure that California Almonds remain a safe, high quality product
Global Market Development Committee
  • To grow global demand by overseeing and directing global market development programs.
    • Established Markets Subcommittee
    • Emerging Markets Subcommittee
Industry Services Committee
  • To ensure growers and handlers have tools, resources and training to enable them to confidently deliver almonds to the market.
Nutrition Research Committee
  • To recommend and conduct research to address issues identified by Nut of Choice Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee that affect product quality and safety, and to characterize healthfulness.
Production Research and Environmental Committees
  • To assure the sustainability and quality of California almond production to meet global needs and expectations.
Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee
  • To provide support and synergy to the other Almond Board committees, focusing on regulatory and technical issues that impact the production and worldwide marketing of California Almonds, thus enabling greater integration and contributing to the overall success of the industry.