From Broadway to Vegas — An Unforgettable Evening of Entertainment

With sparkle and verve, vocal artist Louisa Waycott — yes, the daughter of ABC President Richard Waycott — led the evening’s entertainment at the Gala Dinner, which marked the close of the 40th annual Almond Conference in December. Her selections included numbers from popular Broadway shows, such as “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables,” and “Just My Bill” from “Show Boat,” a tribute to Chairman of the Board Bill Harp.

Adding to Louisa’s surprise appearance, almond industry members and guests greeted Dad Richard with loud applause as he strode onto the stage for a brief duet with Louisa on “You’ve got a Friend,” by Carole King.

Flying knives, card tricks involving ‘blood,’and disappearing cell phones followed, mixed with plenty of humor and audience involvement that are trademarks of Las Vegas, TV and Broadway entertainers Penn & Teller. Penn described the seven basic techniques of magic while Teller demonstrated, and the show closed with a fire-eating performance by Penn, ending with a warning to kids: “Don’t try this at home.”