The California Almond Story, from Bee to A

Just right for third graders, Almond Board of California’s new “An Almond Story” video, a companion piece for the popular workbook, tells the California Almond story from the perspective of a bee left behind in the orchard after the pollination season is over.

In the video, which combines animation with live action, Auntie Bee describes the entire almond-growing process, from Bee to A, to Little Bee as a bedtime story. Calling California Almond country “Bee Heaven,” she relates her observation of bloom to pollination to kernel development, hullsplit, harvest, processing, shipping and back to winter dormancy.

Auntie Bee’s story is spellbinding as she expounds on the almond’s history, its unique food properties and many uses, as well as its incredible nutritional value. What kid could resist? “An Almond Story” is a captivating classroom learning experience that’s as much fun as it is educational. The video has the same design as the student workbook, and the two pieces are meant to be used together by grade school teachers and industry members who participate in Ag in the Classroom.

“An Almond Story,” the video, made its debut at The Almond Conference in Sacramento Dec. 11–13. To order your own DVD copy for $5.00, email Jenny Konschak.