In this column, FSMA experts offer recommendations to almond growers approaching the FSMA rules for the first time.
More than 99% of the state’s high- and medium-priority groundwater basins met a key deadline for forming local Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs). Now, the focus is on developing Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) to ensure that these basins are sustainably managed.
Two side-by-side demonstrations of low-dust harvesting equipment from four almond equipment manufacturers were hailed as successful as scores of almond growers took time during harvest to attend.
This September, the Almond Leadership Program participated in a team-building educational experience that was sweeter than honey. During a workshop hosted by Cosyns Farms, the class heard from grower and beekeeper Ryan Cosyns on the challenges facing the California beekeeping industry.
Earlier this year, the 2017 Almond Leadership Program class committed to raising $25,000 for the California FFA Foundation. In an effort to reach this goal, Almond Board of California is partnering with the Stockton Heat hockey organization for a game-night fundraiser!
The University of California, Davis, (U.C. Davis) plant sciences department and University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) are offering a two-week pomology course to fruit and nut growers seeking to learn the fundamentals of tree biology and create improvements in the orchard.
The Program is Packed for The Almond Conference. The event you won’t want to miss is right around the corner. The program is full and the presenters are ready — now all we need is you!
Every year, hungry hives are placed in orchards before the dawn of almond bloom. In growers’ experience, hives that forage on cover crops early (before bloom) are stronger in the second week of February, when almond bloom usuallc
Hoping to provide clean drinking water to those who can’t afford it, California political leaders are considering major policy changes that would create funding for improving community drinking water systems.
From educating almond growers about water management and efficiency to helping develop sustainable water resources, Almond Board of California (ABC) is engaged in a broad array of research initiatives focused on maximizing “crop per drop.”