Food Technology Meets Almond Sustainability

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo, which brings together more than 30,000 global food science professionals who play a key role in product development and food processing, took place July 25–28 in Las Vegas. Once again, Almond Board was there to continue positioning California Almonds as a versatile, flavorful and functional ingredient that is consistently in high demand and available in safe, stable supply. In addition to daily food demonstrations at the Almond Board Expo booth, ABC held two scientific symposia on the IFT program agenda:

Sustainability Full Circle: Where Food Quality, Safety and Healthfulness Intersect with Environmental Consciousness to Meet Consumer Expectations hosted by ABC’s Food Quality and Safety team. This session introduced the California Almond Sustainability Program to a wider audience, letting the attendees know that the Almond Board is working in a credible way to demonstrate to consumers that a sustainability statement on a label can be backed up with data.

Leveraging the Glycemia and Digestion Properties of Wholesome Ingredients as an Effective Aid for Consumers to Manage Their Middles featured expert researchers talking about the proven benefits of including almonds at breakfast.