Giving Thanks

The California Almond industry is without a doubt one of the greatest success stories in American agriculture. Even casual conversations with growers of other crops in California, and other states, quickly lead to commentary regarding achievements in productivity in the industry, as well as the industry’s phenomenal growth.
The success our industry has accrued has not come easily. It has been the product of decades of labor by many industry members who have donated their time for the benefit of the California Almond grower. Many people volunteer their time to serve on the myriad of Almond Board committees, working together to develop industry resources, promote consumption and solve common industry problems. Committee members include growers, pest control advisers, farm advisors, university researchers, handlers and their representatives, and even a few regulatory personnel.
In my daily contact with growers, I have many conversations with those who are not fully versed in the work performed on their behalf and for their benefit, yet all are thankful for the rewards that producing almonds has provided them. As we approach the holiday season, I would like to ask every member of our industry to give thanks for the fact that we produce a nutritious, healthy food that our consumers enjoy, and to give thanks for the labor that many have donated to make this industry the success that it is.
Mel Machado, Chair
Environmental Committee