Global Reports From 2012 MRL Workshop

ABC’s Gabriele Ludwig, Bryce Spycher and Caroline Stringer attended the seventh annual MRL (maximum residue limits) workshop in San Francisco in June. Sponsored by the California Specialty Crops Council, the workshop addressed several critically important pesticide and residue issues for stakeholders with interest in exporting agricultural products.

With approximately 70% of the almond crop exported to over 90 countries worldwide, growers need to be aware of differing MRLs in international markets as they make production decisions regarding pest management in the orchard.

Speakers from around the globe and from various stakeholder groups such as regulators, registrants, commodity groups and agricultural producers provided updates on the following:

  • Country updates: Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea and Taiwan
  • U.S. agricultural trade outlook in major export markets
  • U.S. government efforts to harmonize MRLs
  • MRL-driven integrated pest management systems
  • Alternatives to methyl bromide

All presentations from the workshop are available at For more information, please contact Caroline Stringer at (209) 343-3256.