Growers and Handlers Elected to Serve on Almond Board

California’s Almond growers have elected the following growers and handlers to serve as members of the Almond Board of California. Their terms of office are March 1, 2012, through Feb. 28, 2013. The names of the following nominees have been sent to the U.S. secretary of agriculture for approval and appointment:

Independent Grower
Position One, Member (One-year term):
Brad Klump, Escalon
Position One, Alternate:
Mike Mason, Wasco
Position Three, Member (Three-year term):
Scott Hunter, Atwater
Position Three, Alternate:
Holly King, Fresno

Independent Handler
Position Two, Member (Three-year term):
Dexter Long, Ballico
Position Two, Alternate:
Todd Meyer, Chico
Position Three, Member (One-year term):
Keith Rigg, Le Grand
Position Three, Alternate:
Dinesh Bajaj, Orland

Cooperative Grower
Member (Three-year term):
Bill Brush, Modesto
Tony Ramos, Fresno