Make a Difference ... Get Involved in the Almond Board

Why should you run for the Almond Board of California (ABC) Board of Directors or serve on a committee? There are several key reasons why you — and the industry — would benefit:

  • Your voice has power. If you care about the future of the California Almond industry, let your voice be heard.
  • ABC’s Board of Directors and committees are member-driven and represent the California Almond industry.
  • Diversity of participants strengthens the California Almond community. Diversity brings about real, long-lasting change resulting from decisions guided by the diverse members of an organization. Your unique perspective and contributions to ABC’s Board of Directors or committees are instrumental in making the California Almond industry smart, strong and self-sustaining.
  • Your voice will influence change in the world. Help make the California Almond a Crop of Choice and the Nut of Choice around the world.
  • Being on ABC’s Board of Directors, or on a committee, makes you wealthy. Of course, we don’t mean you’ll get rich, but think of the wealth of information, networking and professional experience you’ll acquire from this opportunity!