New Ad Campaign in India: "Thank You, Mom!"

As you read this article, a new advertising campaign is prepared to launch in India, one of the most important growth markets for California Almonds. The campaign targets urban, stay-at-home moms, tapping into the insight among them that almonds are not only a tasty snack — giving them to her children can also illustrate a mother’s love for her family.

Almonds are integral to India’s cultural heritage, and the practice of mothers giving water-soaked almonds to children in the morning is a widespread tradition. The new California Almonds TV campaign celebrates this tradition in an uplifting way, lauding mothers for their role in the everyday victories of their children.

Each ad draws the viewer into an emotional story. Some cue the traditional image of almonds as a “brain food,” showing a proud mom witnessing her child’s academic success. Others cue lesser-known benefits, such as the energy a child demonstrates on the cricket field. The tagline “California Almonds, Every Day” positions almonds as an essential food to always have on hand.

The commercials will air on all of India's leading general-entertainment channels, and an integrated mix of public relations and print advertorials will support the campaign.