New China Advertising Campaign to Start New Crop Year

This is an example of new China consumer advertising, which  conveys the message that snacking on almonds keeps you  young at heart.Almond Board of California launched a new advertising campaign in China to raise consumer awareness of almonds in the most important emerging market for the California Almond industry. The advertising targets consumers in the major urban centers of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and a growing second-tier city, Wuhan.

The campaign centers around the theme that snacking on almonds keeps you young at heart. In research conducted by the Almond Board, this theme resonates with consumers, as they already eat nuts as a snack and value snack time with colleagues, friends and family in a social atmosphere that is fun and lighthearted. They are also looking for foods that have an impact on their health, but satisfy their taste buds.

The advertisements are strategically placed in key media, including online, magazines, newspapers, subways and bus shelters. Video ads will soon appear online, on elevator TV screens and taxicab TV screens. A new consumer-oriented Chinese language Almond Board website was also launched in early August to reflect the new campaign.

The Almond Board of California is committed to supporting the growth of the China market with this new investment in advertising, building comprehensive consumer promotions with public relations support.