New TV Advertising Airs on ESPN and Discovery Channel

Almond Board of California actively targets U.S. Healthy Men to communicate why they should choose a handful of almonds over other snack foods. The Healthy Men target audience is food- and health-involved and is looking for simple ways to improve heart health and maintain their weight.

A new TV campaign, "Hearts Love Almonds," focuses on the heart-health benefits of almonds to demonstrate why they are a smart snack choice. In order to convey this message, the campaign introduces a symbolic heart to tell viewers why almonds are a smart choice and showcases how well almonds fit into typical snacking situations. The new TV campaign is running October 2011 through March 2012. Ads began airing on ESPN on Oct. 24 and will begin airing on the Discovery Channel in January 2012.

The "Hearts Love Almonds" TV campaign integrates cohesively with other online and print advertising and PR outreach, so Healthy Men are receiving a strong, consistent message of why they should choose almonds over other snack foods.

To view the commercials and for more information on the Healthy Men TV campaign, go to or visit the Almond Board YouTube Channel,