Nominations Open for 2012 Almond Achievement Award

The California Almond industry is made up of leaders. The achievements of this industry have been built on the backs of hardworking and forward-thinking growers, handlers and allied industry members. The Almond Board of California wants to recognize one outstanding individual for leadership and service to the industry.

The Almond Achievement Award was created to recognize an industry or allied industry member who has added value to the California Almond industry through long-term service, contributions and/or innovations.

One outstanding individual will be chosen to receive the Almond Achievement Award during the Gala Dinner celebration at the 40th annual Almond Conference on Dec. 13 in Sacramento.

Ned Ryan, an industry consultant and partner in Ryan Parreira Almond Co. of Los Banos, was 2011’s Almond Achievement Award recipient. Over the past 18 years, Ryan has served numerous terms as a member and chair of the Board of Directors and as a member and chair of several Almond Board committees. He has been proactive in promoting the Almond Board’s involvement in research, education, and leadership for the betterment of the industry.

You are encouraged to submit nominations for individuals that you feel are deserving of recognition.

Eligibility requirements for this award include:

  • Long-standing, direct involvement with the California Almond industry
  • Demonstrated impact and commitment to the California Almond industry
  • Proven service to visibility and growth of the California Almond industry
  • Contribution to California Almonds’ becoming a Crop of Choice for growers and supporting California Almonds becoming the Nut of Choice for consumers

The individual receiving the Almond Achievement Award should have a critical role in the advancement of the California Almond industry, exemplify leadership and commitment to the industry and work toward positive change and innovation.

If there is someone you would like to nominate for the Almond Achievement Award, fill out and submit a nomination form. All nominations are due Nov. 1.

If you have questions about the Almond Achievement Award, please contact Kendall Barton by email or phone (209) 343-3245.