Objective Estimate for 2015 Almond Crop Released

The California Almond objective forecast for the 2015–2016 crop year was announced today, July 1, at the offices of the Almond Board of California (ABC). Based on 890,000 bearing acres, the forecast is 1.80 billion meat pounds of California Almonds. The forecast, funded by ABC, is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service — California Field Office (NASS/CFO).

“This year’s objective estimate reflects the continued and unprecedented stress that California Almond growers are experiencing as they cope with historic drought conditions,” commented Mike Mason, almond grower and processor, and chairman of the Almond Board. “The California agricultural community is certainly hoping that the drought abates next winter, but in the meantime, growers are doing everything within their power to conserve water while growing and harvesting nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables that contribute greatly to a healthier American diet.”

Dave DeWalt, deputy director of the Pacific Region Office, NASS, said the forecast is down 3% from the May 5 subjective forecast of 1.85 billion pounds. The estimate is down 3.5% from the 2014–2015 crop production of 1.867 billion pounds reported as reported in the May 2015 position report.

The average nut set per tree is 5,874, down 12% from the 2014 almond crop. The Nonpareil average nut set is 5,239, down 14% from last year’s set. The average kernel weight for all varieties sampled was 1.43 grams, down 1% from the 2014 average weight of 1.45 grams.

For additional information, contact the Almond Board of California at (209) 549-8262 or visit Almonds.com.