Mark your calendars and buy your tickets! “The Futurist” Adam Trent will wow attendees with his skill, personality and humor at the 45th annual Almond Conference Gala Dinner.
While the drought generated extensive conversation about almond water usage, the continued spotlight on almond growing practices gives us an opportunity to share the many great improvements and practices adopted by the California Almond industry with the public.
Safe Food Alliance is offering the FDA-approved “Produce Safety Alliance” Grower training course, which helps growers meet the requirements of the new Produce Safety rule under the FDA’s “Food Safety Modernization Act” (FSMA), if they are not electing to file for the Produce Safety exemption (see more below).
Get your FSMA Facts straight from the experts. Almond Board of California has engaged a consulting firm whose lawyers have worked with FSMA since its beginning. In this month’s FSMA Files column they answer your questions about which FSMA rules the almond industry needs to address.
Almond Board of California (ABC) works very closely with the Almond Alliance of California to submit comments on a variety of published regulations. Recently the Almond Alliance submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on three pesticides undergoing registration review on behalf of ABC and the almond industry.
Research shows that honey bees properly nourished with a diverse diet are better able to fend off stressors, such as pests and parasites leading to stronger hives. Almond grower Nick Edsall believes that improving the diet of pollinators by providing cover crop forage in his orchard middles also improves pollination.
Once again, California Almond growers are raising the bar. With the California Almond Objective Report forecasting a 5.1% increase to more than 2 billion pounds, more crop than ever may be subject to stockpiling.
Managing harvest dust is a year-round consideration for almond grower Gordon Heinrich and his family, who farm 700 acres of almonds, walnuts and field crops near Modesto.
Saturday, July 15, 2017 marked the first-ever solar day for members of the Almond Board of California’s Almond Leadership Program.
Almond Board of California (ABC) exists to further develop a sustainable and profitable marketplace for California growers and handlers. August 1 marked the start of the 2017/2018 crop year for the Almond Board of California budget, and with the new year comes new opportunity for supporting California Almonds.