Snack Happy Challenge Launches in the UK

Research shows that snacking on a handful of almonds daily has numerous benefits for mind and body. The Almond Board of California (ABC) has launched a campaign to ask UK Jane (California Almonds’ target consumer audience) to put the findings to the test herself by providing the tools she needs to form a nutritious snacking habit and reap the benefits.

Launched in conjunction with new research from Leatherhead Food Research showing that women who consume almonds as a mid-morning snack feel fuller for longer, the challenge encourages Janes to snack on almonds for 21 days (the time it takes to form a new habit) and see how they feel.

The campaign is split into three key stages (launch, participation, results) to ensure ongoing exposure and engagement over six months. It will contain a mix of media relations, paid-for partnerships, celebrity ambassadors; expert tips from a nutritionist, a psychologist, a trainer and a stylist; as well as competitions and seeding events.

Snack Happy stations (large dispensers of almonds) have been delivered to key media houses to encourage journalists to join the challenge and tweet about it at #SnackHappy. See an example of ABC’s Snack Happy Campaign on Red magazine’s website.