Strategic Goals and Objectives

Dear Industry Members,

In February, the Almond Board of California (ABC) Board of Directors met in a strategic planning session to take a fresh look at the goals and priorities of the organization. The productivity of the session was excellent, providing clarity of focus for the directors, committees and staff. I wanted to share with you a couple of the key outcomes from this planning session.
As the ABC’s activities have evolved and expanded over the years, the number of industry stakeholders with whom it interacts around the world has become far more numerous.  While their needs are important to the success of the industry, at its heart the ABC exists to benefit the livelihood of the California Almond grower.  Board directors reaffirmed their focus of keeping grower needs and benefits at the forefront of ABC programs and decision making.
The Board also clearly delineated three strategic goals supported by specific objectives:

Invest in programs and research that makes almonds A Crop of Choice for California.

  • Promote sustainability of almond supply.
  • Enhance the industry-wide food safety system.
  • Identify and support basic and applied research to enhance production efficiency.

Invest in programs and research that build market demand for almonds, making them The Nut of Choice.

  • Continue to expand the understanding of the health benefits and quality of almonds in support of market development strategies.
  • Implement programs to develop new markets and maintain existing ones.
  • Implement actions that mitigate trade barriers.
  • Improve market development resource allocation mechanisms and processes.

Build an Almond Board organization that optimizes its effectiveness in establishing and executing goals.

  • Ensure that Almond Board representatives understand and adhere to fiduciary responsibility standards.
  • Implement Board of Director development initiatives, such as succession planning, formal orientation, Board performance assessments, and skills development and acquisition.
  • Optimize staff and committee structures and processes.
  • Articulate needs related to advocacy, and seek out possible alternatives for meeting these needs.
I believe that these goals and supporting objectives provide the guidelines for focused, optimal planning and execution of ABC programs. I will keep you posted on our progress as my second year as ABC chair unfolds.
I always appreciate feedback and comments from almond growers. Please feel free to contact me.
Mike Mason, Chair
Almond Board of California