Sustainability Program Enters the Digital Age

The California Almond Sustainability Program may now be accessed online by almond growers who would prefer to fill in workbooks at a place and time of their choosing. This electronic format allows growers to complete any (or all) of the modules — Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Nutrient Management, Irrigation Management and Pest Management — from a home or office computer rather than by attending a workshop. In addition, one continuing education unit (CEU) is available from the Department of Pesticide Regulation by completing the Pest Management module online.

Those who have previously completed modules at a workshop will be sent a username and password from SureHarvest, which manages the program on behalf of the Almond Board of California. The online program will allow you to complete new modules and evaluate different orchards or blocks, with the added ability to automatically fill in fields/blocks in orchards that may be managed similarly. Grower reports will soon be available for viewing to compare your growing practices against state averages.

New growers can access the site by contacting SureHarvest, a third-party agency, to request an online account setup form. SureHarvest will then assign online usernames and passwords within one business day of receiving the setup form.

For more information about the online version of the California Almond Sustainability Program and how to gain access, contact Kendall Barton at (209) 343-3245.