Sustainable Progress

The completion of the harvest marks the end of a long period of work for California’s Almond growers and the approach of the holiday season. However, this period of respite also provides us with the opportunity to review our operations and prepare for the coming year. Over the past year, many growers have chosen to participate in the California Almond Sustainability Program. This program provides our industry with priceless information on the practices and methods growers employ to produce their crops.

The data submitted thus far has already helped to document that almond growers are employing the best practices available. (See "Data Validates California Almond Growers' Sustainable Practices.") The information submitted will also prove to be priceless as our industry deals with regulations being created to mitigate impacts of nitrogen in the San Joaquin Valley’s groundwater.

Our industry is light years ahead of the balance of California’s crops in dealing with the challenges we face. This favorable placing can only come by the continuing efforts of our growers.

For those of you who have already participated, I thank you and ask that you continue your participation by adding data on more of your orchards or by completing additional modules. For those of you who have not yet completed a module, I ask that you please participate in this vital program.

The next sustainability workshop will be held at The Almond Conference in Sacramento, Dec. 11, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Please email Kendall Barton or call her at (209) 343-3245 for more information.


Mel Machado, Chair
Environmental Committee