Sustainably Speaking — Growers Find Sustainability Workshops Stimulate New Ideas About Their Own Practices

Growers attending the Almond Board’s California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) workshops this spring said that participating in sustainability modules not only confirmed that they are already implementing many sustainable practices in the orchard, but also helped trigger ideas about what they could do to improve their growing operations.

“We hear from growers that by putting these best practices in front of them at a workshop, it reminds them of different technologies or techniques that they have been meaning to try. Sustainability is another way of looking at your business, in other words,” said Dan Sonke with SureHarvest.

Orland almond grower John Erickson, who attended his second sustainability workshop in Chico this March, said that the process of filling out the modules itself was educational and got him thinking differently about some of the aspects in his farming operation.

“Even just looking through the list of practices, there is a lot of good, thought-provoking information,” Erickson said. “It makes you think about each part of your operation and what you are doing, and whether you can tweak things just a little to move more toward sustainability and improve the long-term health of the orchard.”

Listen to what almond growers are saying about the sustainability workshops.
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