Sustainably Speaking — Sustainability Program Aims to Increase Grower Participation in 2012

The California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) has set forth an ambitious goal for 2012 to triple grower participation in the program to 600 through workshop attendance and completion of the five sustainability modules.

The Almond Board, SureHarvest, The Community Alliance With Family Farmers (CAFF) and other partners are collaborating to design and implement innovative workshop formats to attract growers and provide value beginning this November.

“Through grower participation in the program, we have collected a lot of data not only about what growers are already doing related to sustainability, but in what areas more technical support and information may be useful to them,” said Dr. Joe Browde of SureHarvest. “This year, we are designing our workshops with more focus on providing growers with that technical information from researchers and industry experts.”

Two of these newly designed workshops, which focus on completing the self-assessment workbooks along with expert presentations on sustainability topics, will be held Nov. 18 in Yuba City and Nov. 29 in Woodland. A self-assessment workshop will also be held on Dec. 6 in Modesto, prior to the annual Almond Conference. Growers can also learn more about CASP during presentations at the Tree & Vine Expo on Nov. 15 in Turlock and the Grape, Raisin & Nut Expo on Nov. 17 in Fresno.

Look for information about the workshops by visiting the Almond Board website. For additional information or questions, email