Symposium Details Complexities of Water in California

Nov. 17, 2017

A panel of regulators, educators and government authorities offered California Almond growers insight into the complexities of water availability and policy at a Water Symposium titled ?Water in California: Present Realities ? Future Implications? held in early April.

The symposium was sponsored and organized by the Almond Board of California. Speakers during the two informal panel sessions provided an overview of perspectives on the rapidly changing landscape for current and future water policy and management.

Panelists included Tim Quinn, Association of California Water Agencies; Kamyar Guivetchi, California Department of Water Resources; Ellen Hanak, Public Policy Institute of California; Sarge Green, California Water Institute; and Mike Wade, California Farm Water Coalition.

Green said the challenges of meeting the agricultural, urban and environmental water needs of the future will require an entirely new way of thinking.

?Virtually everybody who is aligned with water has to realign the molecules in their brain. [Solutions] today are going to require a huge change in our way of thinking,? Green said.

Luncheon keynote speaker Phil Isenberg, chair of the Delta Stewardship Council, outlined the significance of the Delta region in California?s complex water system. He, along with several speakers throughout the day, discussed various proposals, pending legislation and challenges for improving the water supply and water quality throughout the Sacramento?San Joaquin River Delta. Isenberg noted that it will take difficult political decisions to find sustainable solutions, given the number of stressors on the Delta water system.




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