Trade Show Grows Along with The Almond Conference

From alternate energy solutions to orchard equipment, there is more of everything at the trade show that runs concurrently with The Almond Conference. In fact, as of Oct. 29, there were already 66% more exhibitors than last year’s trade show in a space that is 30% larger.

Be sure to visit these exhibitors and thank them for helping to make The Almond Conference free to attend. Special recognition goes to the conference metal sponsors.

A&L Western Agricultural Laboratories
Academy Irrigation
Acadian Seaplants Limited
Agra Quest, Inc.
Agra Services
Agri Valley Irrigation, Inc.
Agrimar Corporation
Agrium Advanced Technologies
Agro Culture Liquid Fertilizers
Air-O-Fan Products Corp.
Almond Board of California
Ambassador Energy
Amiad Water Systems
Aqua Measure Instrument Co.
Arysta LifeScience
Baicor LLC
Band-lt Spreading Service
Bank of the West
BASF — Premier Sponsor
Bayer CropScience
Beeler Industries
Blue Mountain Minerals
Borrell USA Corp. — Gold Sponsor
Bowsmith Inc.
Boyett Petroleum
Brandt Monterey
Bubco, Inc.
Bühler Group — Silver Sponsor
Burchell Nursery
Cablevey Conveyors
California Farm Bureau Federation and California Bountiful Foundation
California Industrial Rubber
California State Beekeepers Association
Caltec Ag, Inc.
CalWest Rain
Cenergy Power
Certified Laboratories
Certis USA
Chemtura Agro Solutions
Cleanfix North America
Compass Minerals
Core Agri, LLC
CPM Wolverine Proctor LLC
Crop Production Services
Dave Wilson Nursery
David Allred — Sculptor
Decagon Devices Inc.
Deerpoint Group, Inc.
Delta Technology Corporation
Delta Wireless, Inc.
DFA of California
Diamond K Gypsum, Inc.
Dickey-john Corporation
Dixon, Hughes, Goodman LLP
Donaldson Company
Dow AgroSciences
Duarte Nursery
DuPont Crop Protection
DuraTech Industries
Durham Pump Inc.
Dynamic Coating, Inc.
Erick Nielsen Enterprises
Eurodrip USA
Exact Harvesting
Fanuc Robotics
Farm Credit Alliance
FBSciences, Inc.
Fischbein Company
Flory Industries
Fly Away Pest Control, Inc.
FMC Corporation
Food Safety Net Services
Fowler Nurseries
Fresno Madera Farm Credit
Fruit Growers Laboratory, Inc.
G&F Agri Services
Garton Tractor, Inc.
Gowan Company
Gowan USA, LLC
GrassWorks Weed Wiper
Green Tree Nursery
Green Leaf Ag
H.G. Makelim Company
Hamilton Energy Solutions
Harmon Systems International, LLC
Helena Chemical Company
Helio Power
Holz Rubber
Hortau, Inc.
Hotsy Pacific
Hughson Nut, Inc.
IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group
Integrated Structures, Inc.
International Wood Industries
Irrigation Solutions Inc.
Jack Rabbit
Jain Irrigation, Inc.
JenJil Packaging, Inc.
JKB Energy — Green Sponsor
Kamper Fabrication
Key Dollar Cab, LLC
Kingsburg Cultivator - Pacific Western
Klipperstein Corporation
Lodi Irrigation
M Parise Associates
Mac Process
Macro Plastics & TranPak Inc.
Magnation Water Systems
MANA, Inc.
Marrone Bio Innovations
Microbiology International
Mid State Huller and Sheller/Golden Gate Nut
Mid-Pacific Industries
Modern Process Equipment, Inc.
Motion Industries
NABTA USA International, Inc.
Nelson Irrigation Corporation
Nelson Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Netafim USA
New Era Farm Services, Inc.
The Nursery Company
Nutrient Technologies, Inc.
NutStar Software
Orchard Machinery Corporation
Orchard Rite — Pacific Distributing
Oro Agri
Pacific Southwest Irrigation Corporation
Packaging Innovators Corporation
Pattyn North America, LLC
PBM Supply $ Mfg., Inc.
Phenix Equipment, Inc.
Plant Food Systems
Pollen Bank
Polymer Ag, Inc.
Precision Agri-Lab
Project Apis m.
PurseSense Environmental, Inc.
P2G — Progressive Genetics Group, Inc.
R.F. MacDonald Company
Rears Manufacturing
Red Barn/Progressive Ag Sprayers/Northwest Tillers Inc.
Redox Chemicals, LLC.
RF Biocidics
Roberts Retirement Group
San Joaquin Systems
Satake — Copper Sponsor
Schaben Industries
Select Harvesting USA
Sierra Gold Nursery
Simplot Grower Solutions
Smartcube/ABM Scale/JEM-ESP/Nut Software
Soil Basics Corporation
The Solar Company
Spectrum Technologies
Stanislaus Implement & Hardware
Sterilization and Fumigation Services
Style-Line Construction
Sun Harvest Inc.
Sunstate Equipment Company
Syngenta — Bronze SponsorToro Micro-Irrigation
ToxiMet Ltd.
Triple/S Dynamics
Turkhan Foods
Utility Cost Management LLC
Valent USA
Valley Tool & Mfg Co, Inc.
van de Sandt B.V.
Verdegaal Brothers, Inc.
Visys - Advanced Sorting Solutions, Inc.
Vogel Sales Engineering
Waterford Irrigation
Weiss McNair LLC
Wells Fargo Insurance Services
West-Link Corporation
Westbridge Agriculture Products
Western Farm Press
Western Fruit Grower
Western Growers Insurance Services
Wilkey Industries
Yara North America, Inc.
Yosemite Farm Credit