Nutrient Management


The Four R’s of Nutrient Management in Almonds

nutrient-management-bloomMaximizing the use efficiency of applied nutrients in almonds will result in improved yields, reduced input costs and less potential for off-site movement into ground and surface water. Efficient nutrient management can be accomplished by following the Four R’s:  

  1. Applying at the right rate – Matching tree and almond crop demand with supply, taking into consideration the contribution of nutrients from all sources, including fertilizer, organic nitrogen, water and soil.
  2. Applying at the right time – Spoon-fed applications during the growing season to maximize uptake and minimize loss potential.
  3. Applying in the right place – To ensure delivery to the active root zone.
  4. Using the right source – To maximize uptake and minimize loss potential.

The Nutrient Management module of the California Almond Sustainability Program is designed as a grower practice self-assessment, but also contains valuable educational information about nutrient management in almonds. For more information on CASP, go to