Almond Board Reaches Out to Growers with In-Field Irrigation Expertise

Outlook - Oct. 11, 2016

Spencer Cooper, left, discusses drip system performance and the importance of irrigation system maintenance with Kern County farm advisor Blake Sa
Deficit Irrigation and Balanced Fertility Are Best Defense Against Hull Rot

Outlook - May. 13, 2016

As this year?s almond crop approaches hullsplit, it?s time to think about hull rot prevention.
Trio of Tools Streamlines Crop Input Decisions, Reporting Requirements

Outlook - Apr. 15, 2016

The Almond Board of California (ABC) constantly explores ways that it can help grow
Taking the Guesswork Out of Irrigation

Outlook - Mar. 14, 2016

George Goshgarian?s Watermark sensor system measures soil moisture throughout the soil profile and integrates data into a web-based portal where he can retri
AIM Provides Path Toward Improved Water Management and Efficiency

Outlook - Jan. 04, 2016

Variable-Rate Drip Irrigation Delivers Water According to Soil Type

Outlook - Dec. 17, 2015

Growers Explore Potential for Groundwater Recharge

Outlook - Nov. 12, 2015

Huge Strides in Precision Irrigation, with More to Come

Outlook - Aug. 12, 2015

Soil- and Plant-Based Monitoring Refine Irrigation Decisions

Outlook - Jul. 01, 2015

Irrigation After Harvest [with audio]

Outlook - Jun. 10, 2015