Trade & Government Affairs


Welcome to International Trade.  Shipping to more than 100 countries around the world calls for a dedicated focus on trade issues and strong relationships with key stakeholders.

Engagement by producers, shippers and importers to find solutions to these important issues is critical.  The Almond Board integrates research, technical expertise and relationships to address this rapidly changing market environment.

Over the past two years, the global trade environment has become more complex than it’s ever been.  The most visible examples are retaliatory tariffs in China and India, but those are only part of the challenge.  Technical and sanitary/phytosanitary barriers are the real concern – more complicated to prove, harder to resolve.  These can include aflatoxin controls, hygiene, labeling, quality standards and mandatory certificates.

ABC has leveraged USDA staff, technical experts and market contact to address challenges, maintaining trust and clearing the way for unimpeded almond shipments.

  • EU PreExport program has been maintained, despite higher aflatoxin rejections
  • Overview of almond production and controls presented to Japanese authorities
  • Comments provided to WTO and US government on trade agreements and almond impact