Applications are now available for a state cost-share program offering investments in healthy soils and ecosystems. Almond growers who apply for these funds can help reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions by implementing certain practices in the orchard.
Since 2011, the Almond Achievement Award has honored an industry or allied-industry member who has added value to the California Almond industry through long-term service, contributions or innovations.
Every year, hungry hives are placed in orchards before the dawn of almond bloom. In growers’ experience, hives that forage on cover crops early (before bloom) are stronger in the second week of February, when almond bloom usuallc
From educating almond growers about water management and efficiency to helping develop sustainable water resources, Almond Board of California (ABC) is engaged in a broad array of research initiatives focused on maximizing “crop per drop.”
Hoping to provide clean drinking water to those who can’t afford it, California political leaders are considering major policy changes that would create funding for improving community drinking water systems.
State Water Board officials briefed on broad scope of Almond Board water research initiatives
Almond Board of California is introducing a new portion of entirely dedicated to Trade & Regulatory Affairs.
For the first time ever, meeting space for The 2017 Almond Conference is available for purchase!
With harvest’s end on the horizon, 2017 Almond Leadership Program participants are rounding third base in their completion of the year-long program.
Since 2011, Almond Board of California has raised nearly $50,000 for the California FFA Foundation with the help of the Almond Leadership Program.