Cleaning Bulk Bins for Food Safety

The Handle - Aug. 10, 2016

While clean bin liners are helpful, keep in mind that during storage in the off season, bulk bins are likely to be contaminated by rodents, birds, insects, trash and other sources.
Guidelines for Good Stockpile Management

The Handle - Jul. 11, 2016

With the California Almond Objective report forecasting a crop that will surpass 2 billion pounds, more crop than ever may be subject to stockpiling, and for a longer time. Be sure your stockpiles are managed to protect the quality and safety of the crop.
New Video Asks Growers to Consider Their Neighbors at Harvest

The Handle - Jun. 08, 2016

For most of the year, dirt is a great thing.
New Irrigation Calculator Utilizes Latest Technology to Help Growers Improve Efficiency

The Handle - Jun. 08, 2016

To help almond growers determine optimum irrigation schedules using the best technology available, the Almond Board of California (ABC), in partnership with irrigation experts, has defined an Almond Irrigation Improvement Continuum.
Do Your Growers Know Lolium from Leptochloa?

The Handle - May. 09, 2016

Let your growers know about the Weed ID and Management for Almond Growers workshops, coming up May 10, 11 and 12. These workshops will increase growers? ability to identify weeds and manage them, including weeds with resistance issues. Monitoring weed pressure and keeping records ?
Groundwater Recharge Project [with audio]

The Handle - Nov. 09, 2015

Winter Sanitation Vital for Navel Orangeworm Control

The Handle - Nov. 09, 2015

Growers Asked to Avoid a ?Dust-Up? as Harvest Approaches

The Handle - Jul. 08, 2015

Consider Potential Pesticide Residues for Green Almond Market

The Handle - Apr. 08, 2015

Winter Sanitation Key to Navel Orangeworm Control

The Handle - Dec. 03, 2014