Ag in the Classroom provides a network of resources to improve agricultural awareness, knowledge and appreciation among pre-K through grade 12 teachers and their students. By encouraging teachers to incorporate agriculture lessons into their classrooms, Ag in the Classroom is helping to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the food and fiber system that is necessary for everyday living.

The Almond Board has an activity book and a video for teachers to use in their classroom settings. The video and activity book are designed to work together, and feature Auntie Bee’s story about how an almond is grown, the history of the almond industry, and the many uses of the Nut of Choice. The materials are available to grade school teachers and industry members who participate in Ag in the Classroom

You can view the video here or on YouTube. It is also available for purchase.  For a copy of “The Almond Story” DVD ($5.00 per copy) and activity book (no cost), contact Jenny Nicolau