Almond Alliance of California

Almond Alliance of California Partnership

The Almond Board of California (ABC), as a Federal Marketing Order (FMO), educates and provides important research information to stakeholders on a wide range of almond industry issues, but is prohibited from lobbying on legislative issues. Without a dedicated “voice” at the table, the almond industry is limited in its ability to have a unified presence to address the legislative and regulatory issues that impact the right to grow and process almonds in the Central Valley of California. 

Since 2013, ABC and the Almond Alliance of California have worked together under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to provide the California almond industry with expanded opportunities to advocate for industry priorities.  Specifically, the MOA empowers the Almond Alliance to pick up where ABC must leave off - advocating policy changes at any level of government.  The result is that the investment growers have already made in research through ABC is fully leveraged.  This also ensures resource efficiencies and mitigates redundancies by allowing ABC staff to provide technical expertise to the Almond Alliance when assessing policy and taking positions.  ABC and the Almond Alliance work on issues of mutual concern and complement each other’s unique strengths.

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