Technical Info Kit

Technical Info Kit

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Technical Information Kit & Poster

The Almond Technical Information Kit is a valuable trade resource that provides up-to-date information on almond varieties, almond forms, handling tips and USDA standards and grades.

Technical resource materials and market access information are critical to the continued marketing and uninterrupted use of California Almonds. The Almond Technical Information Kit provides essential information to buyers, importers and the food service industry. Individual almond handlers can also brand the material and use it in their marketing efforts.

The Guide to California Almonds, Technical Poster (only available in English) is a great addition to any office or facility. To request a a hard copy, email Jenny Nicolau.

USDA Standard Grades

View the complete standards: USDA Standards Almonds In-Shell and USDA Standards Shelled Almonds or the USDA grades cards for inshell and shelled. To request a hard copies, email Bryce Spycher.