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Episode 18: Evaluating and Adapting Your IPM Program with Justin Nay


In this episode of the Almond Journey Podcast, independent PCA and crop consultant Justin Nay shares his experience and advice for your almond orchard’s integrated pest management program. Before Nay’s company Integral Ag Incorporated was formed in 2008, he earned his Ph.D. in entomology from UC Riverside, where he worked with the carob moth, a cousin to the almond industry’s biggest pest – navel orangeworm.

Nay walks listeners through a year of pest management in almond orchards beginning with winter sanitation, followed by monitoring during the growing season and finishing with harvest sampling. It is a unique perspective from someone dealing with pest management as a scientist, business owner and PCA.

We can come up with a population estimate as well as when that population is going to emerge in the field based on the size and the ages of the larvae…And that sets our baseline… Does the farmer have 20 navel orangeworm females per acre or does he have 200 and that's going to set what mitigation we're going to be dealing with for the rest of the season.
Justin Nay
In Today’s episode:
  • Meet Justin Nay, independent PCA and crop consultant with Integral Ag Incorporated.
  • Explore the different practices Nay employs to manage navel orangeworm and what producers can do to be most effective.
  • Discover the best times and sampling methods for monitoring population levels and measuring efficacy of management programs.
In doing (harvest sampling), we can determine not only how well we did with our program for the season, but we also get to see all the different types of damage that occur…So it allows us to really see firsthand how we did with our pest management for the season. It's probably the most important thing I think that we do.
Justin Nay
ABC Update

Advancements in integrated pest management are really an important part of ensuring growers can grow almonds profitably while meeting the highest quality standards. Almond Board Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Josette Lewis says IPM is as much about cost effectiveness as it is about pest control.

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