Class Is In for California Almond Growers

Posted December 8th, 2016

No matter the industry, efficiency is a top priority. Within the almond industry, almond growers and processors are always looking for the best and most efficient use of time, natural resources and other inputs to get the greatest output. To stay up to date on the latest almond farming practices that improve sustainability1 and efficiency, the almond industry commits to continuing education.

The Almond Conference dates back to 1972, with more than 3,000 almond community members attending the 2016 Conference in Sacramento, the only event dedicated entirely to almonds.  

During the three-day Conference, almond growers, processors, food manufacturers, buyers and traders will hear from keynote speakers, technical experts and panelists from across the globe on hot topics in the almond industry. From bee health to marketing programs, sessions will arm industry members with information that will directly impact the decisions and activities in the orchard that will benefit California Almonds for years to come.

“The Almond Conference helps almond industry members stay up to date on the latest advances for almond growing,” says Almond Board’s Bob Curtis, director, Agricultural Affairs. “Learning about what the research has allowed us to develop inspires the industry to move forward and think about how these research findings can be implemented in the orchard.”


1 What defines California Almond sustainability? Sustainable almond farming utilizes production practices that are economically viable and are based upon scientific research, common sense and a respect for the environment, neighbors and employees. The result is a plentiful, nutritious, safe food product.