California FFA Honors Almond Community’s $47,000 Contribution to Students Interested in Ag

Posted April 28th, 2017

On April 23, the California Almond community was honored by the California State FFA for an ongoing commitment to the future of farming.

Almond Board of California (ABC), and specifically the Almond Leadership Program, has played an instrumental role in supporting the California FFA by raising $27,000 in 2016, and a total of $47,000 since 2011, in scholarship funds.

“It was an honor for the almond industry to be recognized in front of more than 5,000 California FFA members for our commitment to agriculture education,” says Jenny Nicolau, Manager, Industry Relations at ABC. “Without a doubt, the future of our industry is stronger than ever and our scholarship recipients are a testament to that belief.”

These scholarships enable graduating FFA students to pursue degrees in agriculture studies. Past and present scholarship recipients and candidates were in attendance at the reception where representatives from ABC and the Leadership Program interviewed the candidates and gave away 15 scholarships ranging from $1,000-$5,000. 


“Almond sustainability must encompass our youth,” says Mike Curry from Johnson Farms. “The FFA candidates we interviewed are intelligent, professional, and excited about their future in agriculture. Providing such an opportunity for FFA members will assure a bright future for the almond industry.”

"I was amazed at how well all of the candidates were prepared for the questions asked. Their professionalism was top notch and I am really relieved to see the passion in this young generation as they will be carrying the future of agriculture on their shoulders,” says Michelle Penney from Del Rio Nut Company, and current participant in the Almond Leadership Program. “It was an honor to serve as a judge at this event and am proud to be working with the Almond Board of California to provide scholarships for these hard working students pursuing their careers in agriculture."

From left to right, Bikram Singh (Bapu Almond Co. Inc.), Michelle Penney (Del Rio Nut Company), Jenny Nicolau (Almond Board of California), Mike Curry (Johnson Farms)

“The California FFA has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, and the Foundation has been working diligently to ensure we can continue to provide support and opportunities to a growing membership base,” says Katie Otto, CA FFA Fund Development Director. “The Almond Board of California, and Almond Leadership Program’s initiative, vision, and support will have a lasting, and meaningful on the 86,000 members of the California FFA. We are very grateful for their ongoing dedication and support.”