A Comprehensive, Living Map of California Almonds

Posted April 6th, 2017

The Almond Board of California (ABC) has partnered with Land IQ, a Sacramento-based agricultural and environmental scientific research and consulting firm, to develop a comprehensive, living map of California Almonds, orchard-by-orchard.

This map is the result of over half a decade of research and because Land IQ’s approach does not rely on surveys or extrapolation, it has an accuracy of 96% or greater – more accurate than other methods.

ABC invested in this comprehensive mapping analysis to improve the precision, accuracy and transparency of information about the almond community. Once the location of each orchard has been mapped, there are many ways that base layer information can be analyzed, including:

  • Orchard age determination
  • Intentional groundwater recharge potential
  • Regulatory impacts
  • Renewable energy utilization

The location of California’s almond orchards have been mapped for 2010, 2012, and 2014, and these results, as well as select analyses of these locations, are available to all interested growers, processors, industry members, and the public at almonds.com/maps. 2016 almond acreage mapping will be completed by mid-2017 and the online map will continually be updated over time as new analyses and results become available.

Understanding the impacts and opportunities of almond production is fundamental to responsible resource management, regulatory compliance and planning for the sustainable future of California agriculture – and these maps help the California almond industry do just that.

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