Almonds and Water: Just the Facts

Posted March 26th, 2015

Here in California we’re in the midst of a historic drought, so all of us are thinking about how we can be most efficient with our water use. We’ve used this blog and other parts of the website to share a variety of stories and information about how almond growers are working to be part of the solution, but we thought it might be helpful if we compile a list of links in one easy-to-find place. We’ll try to keep this updated as we continue to add new content to the website.

Starting with the basics, here's an infographic on the facts about water and almonds:

Here’s a factsheet on how almond growers are working to be water wise:

Download the Water Wise Factsheet


And here’s an infographic with more details on some specific practices growers use to conserve water in the orchard:

Download the California Almonds Water Efficiency Infographic


Meet some of our people and get a visual sense of almond sustainability with this video:


This blog post debunks a common myth about almonds and water:

No, Almonds Don’t Use 10 Percent of California’s Water


And because value is an important part of the water conversation, learn about how the economic value almonds provide to California:

Study: Almond Industry Generates More Than 100,000 California Jobs