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From Kernel to Keg: Almond Leadership Program Participants Bring Almond Beer to Life

For years, people have enjoyed almonds in various forms, from almond flour to almond butter to almonds as an ingredient in yogurt. Today, a new use for almonds is growing in popularity: almond beer. This trend is making its way through… Read more

Crunching on the Safe Side

California Almond farmers grow virtually 100% of the United States’ (US) supply of almonds, making the U.S. the single largest market for almonds grown in California. We take great pride in providing a wholesome and safe food for consumers… Read more

Introducing the 2016 Annual Almanac Report

Almond Board of California is proud to announce the official release of the 2016 Almond Almanac, our annual year-end report. With the most up-to-date facts and figures, comprehensive historical information about almond production,… Read more

Here Are Some Basics About Almond Milk

Because we often get questions about almond milk, we wanted to answer the most frequently asked -- just for you. Almond milk seems like it’s getting really popular, right? Yes, almond milk is increasingly popular. According to Nielsen,… Read more

Newly Approved Almond Pasteurizing System Uses Electromagnets to Attack Pathogens

Above all, the Almond Board of California (ABC) is committed to providing consumers with almonds that are both delicious and safe to eat. The ABC Food Safety Technical Expert Review Panel (TERP) recently approved a new tool to its arsenal… Read more

California Almonds: The “Ne Plus Ultra” of Quality Control

Thanks to the California almond industry’s quality control programs, consumers around the world enjoy the consistent high quality and safety of California almonds. In fact, the food safety program established by Almond Board of California… Read more

Almond Harvest: An Overview

For the California Almond community, harvest is the busiest time of year. Harvest generally occurs between August and mid-October as it spans across several different almond varieties and through varied micro-climates within California’s… Read more