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VIDEO: A Scientific Approach to Environmental Stewardship

To the almond community, sustainable almond farming means relying on production practices that are economically viable and based on scientific research, common sense and a respect for the environment, neighbors and employees. We recently… Read more

Congratulations to Our Research Partners and USDA Award Winners

Research is the foundation of the Almond Board of California’s sustainable farming program. Almond growers by nature are data-driven, adapting their production operations based on what they learn from research. The success of our industry… Read more

New Research Supports Almonds as a Smart Snack Option

Study shows that a morning snack of almonds helped study participants feel fuller and eat less at lunch and dinner. We all know the feeling – that growling stomach and insatiable appetite that can lead us straight through dinner to a big… Read more

Almonds Make California Strong

If you’ve been around California for any amount of time, you’ve noticed that the face of farming in our state has been changing. Some of the fields that used to be lined with tomatoes or lettuce are now producing high-value, perennial… Read more