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Irrigation Advances Are Transforming How We Farm

Madera County almond farmer Tom Rogers reviews his irrigation data on his tablet, next to a device measuring temperature and humidity. A soil moisture sensor, seen near bottom of photo, left, transmits data as well. Drip irrigation is… Read more

Almond Board Commits $2.5M to Next-Gen Farming Practices

Yesterday, we announced that we’re investing $2.5 million to independent, third party research into next-generation farming practices. This will be distributed across 56 different projects including thirteen water projects, nine honey bee… Read more

Almonds Are Not a Particularly Thirsty Crop

The share line on Robin Abcarian’s piece in the LA Times says it all: “Picking on almond farmers might be all the rage, but it will do nothing to solve the state’s water shortage.” This article, coupled with a detailed look at the math… Read more

Blooming Plants in Almond Orchards Enrich Both Soil and Honey Bees

Almond grower Gino Favagrossa plants blooming seeds in the orchard to provide additional food source for bees after almond pollination, to enrich the soil with nutrients and improve the soil so water can better reach the tree roots.Across… Read more

National Pollinator Week - Taking Care of Our Hardest Workers

In honor of National Pollinator Week, it is important to recognize the mutually beneficial relationship between almonds and honey bees that enables both to survive and thrive. Without a healthy bee population to pollinate our blossoms,… Read more

The Business of Almonds

The extent of the almond industry’s impact on California’s economy is wide-reaching According to the UC Agricultural Issues Center, almonds generate more than 100,000 jobs and add more than $21 billion gross revenue across all industries1… Read more

California’s Mediterranean Climate

One of the reasons people love California is the sunshine. But people aren’t the only ones that love California’s weather. Almond trees thrive here because California is one of the few places on earth with a Mediterranean climate, perfect… Read more

Agriculture in California: Worth the Water It Uses

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman defended almonds today, noting that people have been asking him whether to stop eating them due to the drought. Bittman tells them no, and says it’s typical to focus on a miniscule part of a huge… Read more

Almond Industry Hosts Sustainability Summit

MODESTO, Calif. (June 2, 2015) - The Almond Board of California convened other California agricultural groups, food processors and interest groups to outline solutions on Monday to ongoing sustainability challenges in the state. While… Read more