Almond Industry Maps


land_iq_almond_mapA Comprehensive, Living Map of California Almonds

Almond Board of California (ABC) has invested in a comprehensive mapping analysis to improve the precision, accuracy and transparency of information about the almond community. Understanding the impacts and opportunities of almond production is fundamental to responsible resource management, regulatory compliance and planning for the sustainable future of California agriculture.

The maps, developed in partnership with Land IQ, a Sacramento-based agricultural and environmental scientific research and consulting firm, constitute a comprehensive, living map of California almonds that draws upon multiple sources of information and extensive validation to create a highly accurate, orchard-by-orchard view of the industry.

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Methodology, Findings and Implications

Land IQ draws on multiple lines of evidence including agronomic and remote sensing knowledge, unique field boundaries, robust on-the-ground verification, publicly available imagery and other spatial and non-spatial resources. Because Land IQ’s approach does not rely on surveys or extrapolation, the result is an accuracy of 98 percent or greater, more accurate than other methods.

In the past, Land IQ data has indicated that California almond acreage is higher than USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Almond Acreage reports, as seen in a comparative analysis of the data sources shown in this factsheet. However, this gap has steadily narrowed as USDA-NASS uses Land IQ information as a data point in its estimates. Any difference between estimates does not mean that the industry can expect a larger crop than is currently projected by USDA-NASS in the annual California Almond Objective Measurement Report. Rather, the historical difference indicates that the USDA-NASS production per acre (yield) statistic has consistently been an overestimate due to historic underestimation of industry acreage.

Land IQ’s findings continue to be evaluated and used by USDA-NASS to fine-tune the official Land IQalmond acreage surveys and other forecasts and reports, and serve as a complimentary almond industry resource. The USDA-NASS crop and acreage reports are the official USDA estimates and will continue to be the official statistics for the industry. To ensure improved accuracy across industry reports and forecasts, ABC, NASS and Land IQ are working together to leverage the strength of the different methodologies to provide increasingly precise data. 

See the Almond Industry Maps factsheet to learn more about the map’s methodology, findings, applications and how it compares to official industry statistics. 

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